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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  September 13, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> a bipartisan health challenge. please be there. joe's going to be there. willie's going to be there. >> thursday. by the y, i'm buying the cigarettes, willie. we can smoke while we're alking. what time is it? >> right now, it's time for t"te daily rundown". triple threat. two hurricanes and cyclone all swirled on the atlantic side of things including igor. ore strongest storm yet this year. what's in store for the eastern united states? gloves off. the white house versus john boehner. did the republican blink on tax cuts? plus, can california get high with a little help from i voters? september 13th, 2010. i'm chuck todd. >> i'm savannah guthrie. at the top, a big weather story brewing. could the east coast be facing another category 5 hurricane? let's get the latest on hurricane igor from the weather
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channel's alex wallace. good morng. >> good morning to you. you can see behind me, this monster of a system churning through the atlantic. look at that eye here as it continues to churn its way through. here are t particulars. 150 mile-an-hour sustain winds. a category 4 storm. only about 6 miles an hour from being a category 5. the good news with this system, it's out in the middle of nowhere, so impacting land masses not the case fo us at least in the near term. here's what we think is going to happen with igor. thath projected path moving through north of the leeward islands. missing those islands is good news indeed. continuing through the open waters, even towards the weekend, still out in the middle of nowhere. maybe early next week, we have to look at this thing heading towards bermuda. but for now, the east coast
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looks like we're going to be missing the direct impacts from igor. indirect impacts may come in the form of rip currents. >> really quickly, tell us about this cyclone fear to the south of cuba. >> i'm sorry? >> the cyclone, e fear of the storm organizing south of cuba that's a cyclone that could start messing around with things in the gulf? >> actually an area of disturbed weather in the caribbean. it's actually not really forming just yet. it's trying to get its act together. should bring quite heavy rain to some of those areas. it may have a run on the yucatan, so heading towards mexico and eventually maybe getting into the southern gulf of mexico, but plenty of time to watch that. >> all right, thanks very much. now to the showdown over tax cuts. the white house is working
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overtime to make john boehner republican the opposition. even after he appeared to back off his position on tax cuts for the wealthy on sunday. listen. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for it. but i've been makinhsg point now formonths that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans ife want to get our economy going again and wnt to get jobs in america. >> if he wants to do that, i think that would be a good thing and a bipartisan. we'll see whether what we get is what congressman boehner said, what his spokesman said and a wholhost of things. >> mark murray, eeokay, last we, we saw the white house trying to elevate john boehner. they got that elevation in the form o a "new york times" profile that was pretty rough on the republican and now, this back and forth over which tax
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ts can get past in this conference. what does it mean? >> well, chuck, this has been a dete about extending those cuts. obviously, john boehner created some news on cbs's program. he suggested he would be open to extending the bush tax cutsfor those making lesshan 0,000 if that was the only deal he could do. the white house immediately pounced, trying to elevate that storoy and also, jo boehner and his profile and also trying to bout the that tough "new york house minority leader and his ties to some very high profile lobbyists. it's gotten pretty darn nasty between gibbs and boehner. there were some tweets over the weekend with gibbs taking a shot at boehner's tan saying --
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then boehner followed up with his own tweet and gibbs saying -- so, this has been a very interesting story and it will continue to play out. back to you guys. >> twitter is like the mode day press uirelease. real quick before we let you go, our favorite story of the day. rahm emanuel going up with a po over the weekend in chicago. more evidence that he's considering leaving the white house and running for mayor. >> absolutely. of course, any politician would want to go in and test their message, test their viability, but that just is more evidence that rahm emanuel is thinking about making that mayoral bid in chicago. >> mark murray, thank you. moving on to northern california. families are ureturning to the suburb decimated by last week's
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explosion, finding block after block of ruins where their homes once stood. lee cow an is live for us in san bruno. good morni. >> reporter: again, the investigation into what caused the explosion is taking two tracks. one is the state and local level, the other is the federal. investigators here have now ordered the owner of the pipeline to investigate all their pipelines paying special attention to all those high pressure lines that go near neighborhoods. pg&e has said that that was an ageing pipeline. they were going to replace it, but still don't know what caed the explosion. that is where the ntsb is now stepping in. they're taking this giant section of the pipe that blew away during the explosion. they're wrapping it up, shipping it to washington to figure out what caused the rupture. was it corrosion, fatigue?
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could have been construction. there was a suer project in 2008 and they think something could have been disrupted trying to replace that line. all those are being looked at as possible causes. investigators finally allowed some families to go back in. not all can stay. the houses have been tagged. yellow means they can go and look around, but not stay. green means they can stay and everything's fine. then there's the red tag homes which were esdestroyed. there's going to be a meeting this morningith those residents to figure out what comes next. as for the missing, there's still four missing. four confirmed dead. they think that may rise. again, the cause still remains a big mystery. >> i'm sure a lot of residents in california would like answers from pg&e to make sure their gas
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pipelines are not old and need replacing. thanks very much. it's been three days since iran's president ahminedjad said one of the american hikers would be set free, so why is she still in an iranian prison. stephanie gosk join us us this morning. we thought we would homecoming photos this morning. >> that's what the foreign ministry let us believe on friday. there's been a battle in iran between the conservatives and judiciary and president ahminedjad. what happened was they felt their power was being served as the judiciary, so they imposed these new rules. her trial will go forward as will the trials of the other two. her lawyer is saying they are waiting for that $500,000 bail to be cleared and then she will be released.
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under conditions of the bail, she's allowed to leave the country, but technically supposed to be back for the trial, but everyone believes she won't be at this point. >> stephanie gosk following developmentsor us in london. coming up, can republicans pull off a repeat in 1994 and win back control of cogress? up next, a guy who was on the business end of that republican revolution. we're going to ask dan glickman, who lost back then, if demoats are in for another this year. plus, does california's move to legalize pot have a burning chance of passing? >> you can't resist it. >> no, but first, a look ahead at the president's schedule day. it's a pretty busy one. the meeting with the fairfax family. this is yet another reprisal of sort of candidate obama from 2007 going micro, micro, local, family by family. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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i think they're going to do somewhere beeen mid-40s and more than we did. i think the momentum that's building ithe county trirry, th disawry with the democrats, i wouldn't be shocked. >> well, there piit is. the piece is in place for another republican revolution and if so, where does that leave the president come next year? >> dan glickman has seen this movie before. he's served nine terms in the house before losing in 1994. dan glickman later served as
9:14 am
agriculture secretary under president clinton. hope we're not bringing up bad memories for you -- >> i'm suffering just waiting for e question. >> in fairness, you were there in 1994. a lot of people are making this comparison. the last republicanwave election. do you think it's a fair comparison and are democrats really in trouble? >> certainly, democrats are d i some degree of distress, but i would remind folks who think that the exact same thing is going to happen in september of 1994, i was 30 points ahead of my oppones and i lost 60 days later by five points. >> you your poll. >> i certainly wasn't as forerned as the people are right now, so while i think there are some parallels, certainly the feelin economy and anxioety out there, they have warning.o i wouldn't be popping champagne corks yet on this thing.
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the other thing i found is people should be running on their own records at home and if they do that, i think they can negate some of this affect. >> you were aansas democrat. this is a state thatasn't really a pro clinton state even in 1992, so you were seen on the first line of whyit happened. all those democrats in the red state rs the first to go, but what mistakes did you make in hindsight? >> there were a lot of controversial votes i had to take on. abortion, gun control, nafta. i supported clinton's health care plan. but i didn't run a campaign as if i were deeply embattled. ctthought i had been a good congressman and i could get re-elected based on those things, so what i found on those things was that if you were forewarned and worked your district hard, you don't have to be swept up in a wave.
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i do think there will be democratic losses this time, just not sure if it will cause the house and senate to go to anher party. >> in 1994, newt gingrich led the revolution with this contract of america, the idea that there was a specific agenda republicans were running on and coming to washington to accomplish. you don't have that in this 2010 midte midterm. do you think that's a mistake for republicans to not come forward? >> i can't give them their strategy. i would say the following. i think they'rerelying on the anxiety and negative feelings out there, particularly as it relates to unemployment in the job situation. i notice it's interesting that the democrats are now trying to personalize this race a little bit using leadoehner as a human being they're running against. i think that's probably a smart strategy because if you don't have let's say an individual, a symbol of what the issue is, it makes it harder to analyze what
9:17 am
the effect would be if the publicans did win the race. that was also a different period of time, too. you just can't extrapolate from history, so if i were a democrat running today, i would be working my district, doing hand to hand combat on the ground and notbe thinking about whether it's a wave or not. >> what would you want from the obama white house? do you need him to talk about how he would do things differently or defending better? >> i'm not the bipartisan policy center in washington. we're trying to get people to work together to accomplish some common good items. i do think the democrats need to probably go back a little bit to their populous roots and i think that's what the president's doing with the tax situation now. the fact of the matter, truman said when a republican runs
9:18 am
against a republican, i guarantee you a republican will win. it's a good idea to have a fairly good idea of principles and the vote es have a good chance. i think we're beginning to see that. i think the last six months to a year, it was as tougher to see in terms of the message being articulated. the fact of the matter is the people have choices between two political parties and both have to articulate clearly what they're for. i think the republicans have over the last few years, been more clear about what they're for than democrats. but now, i think we're seeing the president, the democratic party go down that road. >> dan glickman, somebody who knows a thing or two about this, we appreciate having him. >> you didn't ask me about farming. >> another time. thank you. up next in today's decision
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2010, is a tea partier about to rack up another big upset? plus, sarah palin is placing bets on two candidates tomorrow. they're both mama grizzlies. can they give her mo wins? and what happens when pu.s. senators stop running for re-election and start getting na real? our senate producer gets some world exclusive interviews with the senators stepping down. >> amazing what they'll say off camera. >> human intelligence. the cia defines this as vital information from human sources. in other words, spies. >> i need that this morning. ♪
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words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers o lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still livehere. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. it's a good one tomorrow. seven states and the district of
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columbus go tohe polls. tea party on the eastern sea board. in delaware, moderate congressman republican mike cassel once looked like a shoe in. now, the senate race is tightening and with only about 11% delaware voters expected to turn out, as few 20,000 votes could produce a win. the last minute jockeying gave us a smamdown over the weekend. chris christie put in a letter for mike cassel. both by the way, are university of delaware blue hen alums. that puts christie at odds with sarah palin who recorded this for o'donnell. >> hihi, this is governor sarah palin and i'm calling to ask you to vote for christine o'donnell for u.s. senate this tuesday. i can relate to the vicious personal attacks on christine and it's sad to see the
9:24 am
establishment's desperation on this. >> those quote, attacks leaked to the press over the weekend.po "the weekly standard" reported that in 2005, o'donnell sued a former employer seeking mental damages for being fired because of her gender. in t complaint, she said she was taking courses at princeton and said she was fored to quit her courses there, losing time and money. moving on to the senate race in new hampshire and someone who didn't get a palin telephone call, la monotan. he's trying to replicate the obama surge. earlier this summer, he got the stamp of approval. listen --
9:25 am
>> well, over the weekend palin broke with conservativeob radio and recorded a robocall. listen -- by the way, both may be most popular inat democratic circles. new ads were put up last week distancing themselves in washington and reminding voter they remain an alternative. take a look at this ad.
9:26 am
>> i'm paul hode ser drkdhods ao give you an idea of how they spend money in washington. >> the real issue here for republicans is if mike cassel loses this imary in delaware, suddenly, getting ten seats becomes impossible. we've put it in the bank as long as mike cassel's the nominee. who knows. it's a small state, small turnout. we have to wait for actual results. >> this election, it's amazing. you've been waiting your whole life for one this exciting. thanks. coming up, we're gng to reveal theho big, fat white hou soup of the day. and put this in your pipe and vote for it. california's vote measure to legalize pot. could it really pass?
9:27 am
and then what? plus, growing up boehner. luke russert has a look at the hometown of the man who could be speaker. but first, democratic representative jackie speier was shot five times during which tragic event? we'll have that answer coming up. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- te, so it can be absorbed with or without food.
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bottom of the hour now. let's take a look at what's driving this monday. >> investors hope the momentum from gains last week carries over this morning on wall street. dow futures took the market in
9:31 am
on the positive note. president oba holds a meeting with advisers on afghanistan and pakistan today and later today, the president heads to a private residence in virginia to discuss the economy. and imam continues to address the controversy surrounding his proposed cultural center and mosque in manhattan. he spoke this morning, saying he was saddened by recent events and gretted any misunderstandings on his intentions to build a mosque two blocks from ground zero. this morning on the "today" show, robert gibbs continued his attack on john boehner. >> i think he represents the eight years that got us into this mess. cozy with lobbyists. tax cuts for the wealthy. you know, letting big corporations and wall street decide what's best for the american people. we tried that, meredith, it didn't work.
9:32 am
it failed miserably. millions of people are out of work because of those ideas. more evacuations in colorado after the second wildfire started in the state. this one burning in loveland. this latest wildfire is 10% contained. it has burned more than ten acres of land and destroyed one home. mexican authorities have made the second arrest ofa drug cartel leader in as many months, capturing the top lieutenant. he did not resist capture sunday. more th well, you just heard robe gibbs talking about him, the man poised to become speaker if repuicans win control of the house. john boehner. the white house has made a calculated decision to go after john main boehner, trying to mam the new face of republican policy. luke russert went to his hometown and is live for us in
9:33 am
new york city. >> chuck, a lot has been made about his expensive suits and love of golf and ties to lob lobbyis lobbyists. his first foray into politics was family politics, internal ones, that be, growing up one of 12 kids in the town of redding, ohio. >> hidden from the people -- >> john boehner has risen to polical and orator cal heights on capitol hill,ut that trip began on another hill. hill street in redding, ohio. and at the top is the house he shared with 11 brothers and sisters. >> so, you had 12 people in this house. or 14. right? >> 14. when we were younger, that addition on the end wasn't there. mom and dad slept on a pullout couch. >> john, steve and i slept in one bedroom. nancy in bedroom.
9:34 am
>> i such a big catholic family is where a large part of his leadership skills come from today. >> started right there. he might have wanted something done a certain way, but it wasn't possible because there's too many people, so you have to figure out the best way to do something. >> of course, his little sister might say he was bossy. >> make sure you do your homework, sit up straight. >> linda still owns the bar his family owned. back then, it was named andy's cafe. >> ever t angry at him because he was being too hars on you? >> wel yeah, because he wasn't mom or dad. >> a teenager who road motorcycles and played football even when he was in football. >> he said, do -- we need to do it. >> from his mother came his independence. >> stand up and speak your mind. yeah, my mother was good at that.
9:35 am
>> and fromch his father, his charm and possibly his heart. >> my dad made a connection with people when he was talking to them. i think john does the same thing. >> the beginning of an unlikely climb, which may end with him leading 435 in a very different house onhe hill. >> and guys, a lot of what john boehner did owing up was hard work. that bar you saw, his responsibility was every saturday at 6:00 a.m., to go there with his brothers and clean the place out. sually taking five to six hours. it took him seven years to get his undergrad yut deee because he was wanking. quite anpb interesting upbringg for someone who's attacked for having special ties to special interests. definitely humble beginnings. >> lttle interesting profile of
9:36 am
potentially the next speaker of the house, john boehner. both boehner and pelosi from big families. they have a lot more in comm. >> a lot more similar than they are different. >> all right. thank you very much. savannah, it time for the bong show? >> one of the smoking hot issues at the ballot box this november. california's move to legalize marijuana. nine former administrators of the dea have a message for president obama, if this gets passed the deral government should sue. it is a ballot measure, which if passed, would makealifornia the first state to allow marijuana possession and use for anyone 21 or older regardless of medical status. 14 states in the district of columbus have already legalized some form of medical marijuana use, but this law would be a real change. pete williams joins me now.
9:37 am
ere's a case for it and a against. abt's start with what proponent of this measure say about legalizing marijuana. >> first of all, they say it recognizes the fact that 400,000 people in california use it legally and more illegally and it would allow communities to tax the sales. make it legal, have up to an ounce. grow your home at home on a plot 25 square feet. they say it's tax revenues and would free up police to look at other areas. they say the drug war has basically failed. amg the supporters, the california naacp and some black law organizations who say that some african-americans have been arrested and jailed because of it and so mexican officials who say that if california legalized the sale, it would be a huge blow against the drug cartels in mexico. >> and on the flip side, i
9:38 am
imagine there are some opposition. >> you mentioned t former heads of the dea, also, the obama administraon's drug czar is on record opposing it as are the czars of both the bush administration athnd clinton i administration. they say it will lead to more impaired drivers on the roads, people coming to work impaired. they say the tax argument is a bad o sne. they say we already tax alcohol and tobacco and yet, the public costs of that in health care, is justice system, of selling tobacco and alcohol exceed t revenues we get from itsa and ty say the same would happen with marijuana. >> and one other wrinkle and that is a conflict, a direct nflict between state w and federal law, whi could make law enforcement quite difficult. aren't there a ton of state an federal grant programs, states only get the federal money if they can ensure a drug-free
9:39 am
workplace? this seems like mass confusion. >> not to mention the question of could a local community tax something that under a federal scheme is illegal. so, yes, under the federal system, en though many states allow medical marijuana, it's still entirely illegal in the federal system. there is no medical marijuana exception. this was a case litigated in the supreme court. they said there's no sound rule saying marijuana is safe or good for you, so they upheld the federal law against them.s doctors could face problems. there are lots of legal questions, too. >> it's a fascinating one. pete williams, thanks, and chuck, back to you. >> marijuana and sports gambling. states are going to have to do something. trivia time. jackie spier was shot fivedu tis
9:40 am
during what event? the jonestown massacre when followers of jim jones committed suicide by drinking punch laced with poison. still to come, what all the cool babies will being this ha pete williams mask. our senate guru dishes with the men who are leaving after this year and now free to speak their minds off camera. but first, the white house soup of the day. we told you it's a big, fat secret. no longer. greek lentil stew. wonder what makes it greek. i'm guessing feta. we'l hil nd out. you're watching "the daily rundown" only on msnbc. [ female announcer ] start your morning... hey. what are you doing up? i thought i'd take a drive before work. want to come? [ female announcer ] or make hisay. yeah. [ female announcer ] maxwell house gives you a rich, full-flavored cup of coffee,
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enemies, the israeli p prime minister and yasser arafat sho hands at the white house after signing an agreement giving the palestinians limited autonomy. happening right now,ta secretar of state clinton leaving for the middle east to immediate talks between the israelis and palestinians. there's a broad consensus among voters that the 111th congress is too partisan to get anything worthwhile done, but ask the veteran senators leaving and you'll get a different story. >> ken stricklin conducting exit interviews with nine of the outgoing senators. ken is here with us wi some of these interviews. i'm sure when the cameras are off and they don't have to worry about re-election, a will the of these senators could open up.
9:45 am
what surprised you most? >> first of all, consider the wide range of people leaving. you have like chris dodd, who's been there for 30 years. bob bennett, who was voted out by his own party. kit bond. judd gregg. a lot of republicans are going to tell you they areust heartbroken about this guy leaving. and forhout them to sit down wit the camera, whiccompletely changes the dynamic, and talk about topics, partisanship, regrets, gave a view that really bucks the view of the way washington works. the first question was about partisanship. >> what's interesting, last week, you were saying that on the issue of the partisanship, there was one change that all of the senators ced. one big change that happened with the gallery. both in actuality and sort of virtually. >> we're going to do a four-part series and tomorrow, we talk
9:46 am
about this as well. it's what byron dorgan referred to as the bleacher section. 24-hour cable, blogs, the surg of outside interest groups. that basically conflictsith compromise. the senate, the way the rules are set up, it forces people to compromise. but these outside groups see any type of compromise or caving as disloyalty and there start the protests. >> we saw that this weekend when boehner said he might be open to voting for middle class tax cuts. we talk about this issue of partisanship, the conventional wisdom seems to be that the current congress has the most visit rollic than ever. one interview with senator bayh --
9:47 am
clearly saying as bad as it feels now, you've got to have a sense of history. >> these interviews provides context. something we don't always get. judd gregg, he talked about 1980 when he was a republican in the democratic house when reagan had come in. he told this g that -- would take a truckload of manure and dump it every day. to get abetter perspective, i talked to a senate htorian, don richy. he had to remind me of something important, which is that in the '60s and '70s, the two parties were split internally. republicans had a liberal wing and democrats had a siificant conservative wing, but the voters, over time, changed that.
9:48 am
>> so, it actually brings upp this point, the idea that in the good old days, there was coromise. that's just simply because the voters hadn't caught up with the national identities of both parties and so now, the reason you don't have this is because conservative democrats came from the southern states and the liberal republicans come from states, blue states in the northeast, which now all elect mostly democrats. >> another idea chris dodd mentioned, he said partisan politics is what made the place. he said at we need is more comity. not to be confused with comedy. just more cooperation between the two parties. he said you go back to 1776, when they formed this country, they were at each other's throats. >> and this other thing people say a lot is that a jet travel, which is really minimized the
9:49 am
civility of the chamber because now members who might spend moe time in washington and end up socializing with other members, they go home on theen dweekends. might be good for democracy, might be good for their interactions with voter, but perhaps not for their own relationships. >> even at the end of the day, when the rules get in the way, when the bleacher section roars too loud, it's really the personal relationships across the aisle. i think on wednesday we'll tell a story about kennedy and phili graham. >> interesting. ken stricklin with an eye openinexit interview. something we wish we could have gotten on camera. thanks very much. read more of ken's exclusive exit interviews,, including full transcripts of the interviews. >> great work. thanks. hold on to your microphones.
9:50 am
we've got a roundup of the vmas coming up. >> a little meaty. >> what you've all been waiting for. chuck todd's take on lady gaga's fashion choices. man who thinks vera wang is passe. >> is vera wang a butcher now? follow us onwitter. i thought the butcher line was inspired. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style. style that lasts a lifetime. what do you say we get the look we want, the soft feel we need, and have it stand up to anything we throw at it. then let's get it stalled, and save money on the whole project. we're lowering the cost of going barefoot. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get exclusive martha stewart living and platinum plus installed in your whole house for just 37 bucks. blend it. sprinkle it. sweet!
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all right before we go, a dip in the shallow end, fashion. your favorite topic. lady gaga dominated the vmas, walking away with eight moon met statuettes though she could barely walk in several of her one of a kind outfits. drrived in an alexander mcqueen r'gown from the late designer's final collection. look at that.
9:54 am
the next dress was so big and heavy she admitted it wasn't a practical choice. she couldn't make it on stage without help. fo a brief moment gaga shown up by cher who presented the award for best video of the year wearing, yeah you recognize it the same fishnet getup from her 1989 individual reyo for "if i could turnack time." i guess she was turning back time. gaga brought it back, wearing a dress and shoes made out of what appeared to be meat. and asking cher to hole her meat purse. it's true. >> you think it was really meat? >> i don't know. i think it's one of those things in you were there in person you'd know. >> what do you eat with prosciutto? mozzarella cheese? maybe that's what her purse could have been made of. >> let's move on. >> should i stop? >> yeah. >> babies are going gaga for gaga. this halloween your little monster can dress up like gaga
9:55 am
based on an outfit she wore at 2009 vmas. we think the baby looks like a chile pepper wearing a construction paper crown than a pop star. >> where do music videos air anymore. >> itunes. >> where do videos air? >> i don't know. >> give away these awards. >> i don't know. >> okay. >> while we're on the topic oft baby superstars with odd-looking headpieces, justin bieber won for best new artist last nht. only problem, he couldn't figure out how to get up on the dstag. which way do i go? thankfully he made it up there to claim his new man statuette. >> again -- >> i love that song. i'm into the teenager usic. it's catchy. >> speaking of turning back time -- >> a quick roundup from the best of gridiron from saturday and sunday. no best an saturday. colts, a hangover, game against the texans dominated by a former tennessee volunteer, just not the one you expect.
9:56 am
colts' "d" gashes by fost whoever chuck todd has tonight two fants fantasy teams. led the texans to a victory. they return home sunday for a manning matchup, eli and the giants come to town for nbc sunday night football. speaking of football night in amerfaica, redskins fans got thr first look, donovan mcnabb last night, with the defense led washington to victory. tony romo had a chance in the final seconds. finding roy williams for the game winner, but cowboys' line man alex barron flagged,ni as h was all night long last night for holding, wiping away the score and a dallas victory. skins host the texans next sunday. watch out for the texans. of course, saturday not good to me. miami came up short and columbus against ohio state. they were competitive. i tell you this, no nexcuses. miami should not lose another game all year. if they do, they only will have themselves to blame.
9:57 am
canes. >> i was watching tenn. that's it for the daily run-up. >> next richard lou. >> don't miss "andrea mitchell reports." a fill-in today, me. tune in. >> i'm supposed to be on that show at 1:00. >> see you then. >> see you back here tomorrow. i'm meteorologist bill karins with your business travel forecast. around the country, weather pattern quiet. no big travel trouble today. we'll see temperatures in the se seasonable range from new york d.c. warm in atlanta, 87. the west coast looks good. l.a. today 76. phoenix at 1103. one of the hotter spots in the nation. r away is it okay, we take a train 40 miles to a dude nch r away is it where we pick up a couple of horses that we ride to a nearby river. then we canoe upstream to a helicopter that takes us to the conference.
9:58 am
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